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40 Years of Fighting for Community Justice

Our Mission

We fight for fairness and justice by meeting our community’s legal needs, training the next generation of lawyers, and fostering legal, economic, and social change.

To achieve our mission, we strive to:Directions_Page_LSC_exterior1 (2)

  1. Stand with our clients by providing the highest-quality free representation for individuals and families with legal needs related to debt and financial problems, disability, domestic violence, for-profit colleges, housing, income tax, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and veterans’ issues.

  2.  Champion legal reform and accountability in our courts, laws, and public policy.

  3. Teach and mentor law students to be creative, passionate, and effective lawyers.

  4. Empower our clients and our community by sharing information about legal rights and how to advocate for themselves and others.

  5. Listen to our clients and our community in order to develop new approaches to changing needs.

  6. Collaborate with community organizations to reach as many people as possible and participate in movements for meaningful social change.

  7. Study best practices and identify innovations in the delivery of legal services.

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